Sensing Culture at Lewes Castle

I am delighted to announce my latest commission at Lewes Castle in East Sussex as part of the Sensing Culture project with Sussex Past & RNIB.

The brief is to create a permanent sound installation in the grounds of the castle and an audio guide for smartphones. The sound installation will be installed in ‘the shelter’ in the gardens offering a unique, multilayered sonic perspective on the 360 degree view from the South Tower (the highest point on the site). The work will explore the history, landscape and monuments of Lewes and the surrounding district in an abstract, four-channel soundscape.

The IOS and Android app will be developed with the help and expertise of the locative audio platform Echoes, to create an accessible audio guide that will magically bring the castle and museum to life through 3D sound. The audio journey will mix audio description, spoken word, binaural soundscape recordings, historical re-enactment and ambient music to guide the listener to sites of interest in the museum and castle grounds.

The first step in the creative process is to gather a huge library of sounds that will serve as the engine behind these two interlinked works. Expect to see me out and about on the streets of Lewes in the coming months, sporting my trusty Soundman OKM II binaural mics