ReAwakening of a City

ReAwakening of a City is a collaborative work by Neo Futurist Collective which I founded in 2007, inspired by the Milan Futurists, the Art of Noises manifesto (Luigi Russolo, 1912) and the poetics of the Dada movement. The collective are arch-modernists, united in the hope of a positive future where technology, art and humanity will unite to overcome pessimism, despondency and futile utopianism in all their spurious forms.

In an era of global warming and terrorism, we ask, how is it possible to revisit a pivotal artistic moment in 1914, the first performance of the revolutionary symphony Awakening of a City; born out of the build-up to the First World War and of which only the first seven bars remain, and respond to its call for the celebration of urban NOISE???

This diverse group, drawn from the fields of visual, performance, video and sound art attempt to transform the everyday language of urban sounds and visual junk (such as spam emails and billboard advertising) in ReAwakening of a City; asking us to question our assumptions about what is beautiful in a modern world of information overload.

An interview with Marc Garrett from furtherfield explains the philosophy of the project in more detail.