I designed the sound for 0-1…Immersive binaural soundscapes to invoke a digital deity.

0-1: a home for your digital soul

0-1 is a divine digital presence that manifests itself on mobile phones, enabling the user to have a dialogue with an unknown deity. Using artificial intelligence conversation agent software it learns from the queries put to it, improving its responses and building a sense of what moves the zeitgeist and its communicants.

The Nimbus Group has built a device that satisfies the instinct to commune with the divine without religious trappings, divisive ideologies, intermediaries, or judgements. The voice is contemporary, intimate and direct; a godbot presented through a crisp, non-figurative, non-denominational text based aesthetic. 0-1 has an aura of mystique that makes it possible to engage with it as a mobile application, yet secretly wonder if there may be more to it than that.

0-1 is a provocative project – an attempt to create a contemporary update of divinity. It brings the divine presence to the most distributed communication device ever known – to our mobile phones. Where else would God choose to exist if s/he were to return?

Download 0-1 for your iPhone or iPad

Supported by Arts Council England


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