Sound and the Urban Environment (2)

For those of you in Brighton and planning to visit the exhibition in the next week – a) It’s been extended by 2 days, so is now on until June 5th b) If you specifically want to hear my work then visit the gallery at the following times: 12.47 and 15.47 Mon-Fri 10.47 and 13.47 Sat & Sun (due to earlier closing times) c) The last hour of each day (6-7 on weekdays and 5-6 on weekends) has been designated a “Listening Hour” when the artists and/or curators will be on hand to guide the listening process and engage in informal discussions about the work. I’ll be there for this on Wednesday, as well attending the symposium on Tuesday evening. Finally, if you can’t get along then pop on a good pair of headphones and listen to this… The original full-length recordings from the residency.

Joseph Young (UK) 6 Families of Noise (18 mins) The work investigates the relationship between contemporary urban noise and the 6 ‘families’ of noise defined by Luigi Russolo in his Art of Noises Manifesto (1913). Conceived as a sonic portrait of Portslade in Brighton, each movement represents a separate sound category. 1) roars, claps 2) whistles, snores, snorts, 3) whispers, mutterings, rustlings, 4) shrill sounds, cracks buzzings, jingles 5) percussive noises, 6) animal and human voices. The work attempts to transform negative perceptions of the urban sound environment as expressed in the writings of Bernie Krause and in a more general perception of noise as unwanted signal.