Active Crossover II, Furthernoise

“Active Crossover II, Various Artists” (review)

Founded by Bristol (UK) based sound artist Simon Whetham, Active Crossover started in 2008 from a residency in Tallinn, Estonia, as guests of the Non Grata Collective. Presenting workshops in field recording and composition, it culminated in Whetham working with John Grzinich, providing a live sound track to a performance by renowned Estonian artist Peeter Allik.
“Perhaps the pick of the performances on Active Crossover II however, is Joseph Young and Mike Blow’s track (4). Amongst its many layers are collages of urban noise, traffic, radio voices, snippets of street conversations and a proclaiming of the “Manifesto of Neo Futurism”, from the collective of artists of which Joseph is the founder. See blog for more details and an interview with Marc Garrett (Furtherfield).” review by Roger Mills