The Colored Museum at the V&A

The Colored Museum is a thought-provoking, satirical show that has delighted and discomforted audiences since it was written by George C. Wolfe in America in 1986.

Director: Don Warrington
Set/Costume designer: Jonathan Fensom
Lighting designer: Jason Taylor
Musical director: Dominique Le Gendre
Sound designer: Joseph Young

Taking place in a cultural museum, the 11 living ‘exhibits’ explore African-American identity in an exhibition of stereotypes.

Through characters like the pert and ever-smiling Miss Pat, airline hostess for Celebrity Slaveship, and The Man, a successful businessman who only wants to be Black at the weekend, Wolfe confronts history and clichés with gutsy humour. By retiring these 11 stereotypical characters and attitudes to a museum, he makes room for the future; for new stories and ideas.

Provocative and seriously funny, The Colored Museum will stir your emotions and leave you in stitches.

Produced by Talawa Theatre Company.

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