A Requiem for Grey Area

I shall be performing a brand new piece with my newly commissioned Sonic Baton tomorrow evening around 9pm. A Requiem for Grey Area will feature sounds recorded on the evening, manipulated and performed using Ableton Live.

Vacation Grey Area
7.30 – 10pm GMT

Featuring performances by SPASKI, Joseph Young, Gary Goodman

After a heady 6.5 years of productive basement-dwelling Grey Area has made the difficult decision to vacate the subterranean premises of 31 Queens Rd, Brighton.
Bleary-eyed we emerge, vowing to return on a day not so distant, and in a form as yet unknowable.

Vacation Grey Area is a leaving do and a thank you to all who have sailed in her.
This gathering place for like-minds, smugglers, adversaries and accomplices.

We salute thee,

The Grey Aryans

Grey Area: http://www.greyareagallery.org/