The Art of Noises at Cass School of Art, Architecture and Design

I am currently working on an innovative new project exploring the links between disability and public space through sound.

Disabled Artists making Dis/Orderly Spaces brings together diverse disabled artists with architectural students, educators and professionals to develop new disability-led ways of working together around the design of built space. I will be working with Chianna Roberts at The Cass Art, Architecture & Design School at London Metropolitan University.

This project will guide the students on the Foundation course at Cass Art to think differently about the city and its spaces by engaging with everyday noise – this will be the material of the project. Rather than ignoring the multitude of noises around us, the aim is to listen harder. By taking intensive notice of  urban soundscapes, students will learn how to creatively capture, comment on and present the everyday cacophony that is London.

The project includes practical experience of working with binaural field recording techniques, and of ways of designing with sound. Outcomes could be a sound poem, podcast, video or installation. Student work will be uploaded to Soundcloud or other appropriate online platform. Creative processes will be introduced, explored and rendered using a range of visual representations, and considered in the context of presentation at the crit and in the portfolio.