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I have a well-kept secret…I own a Bandcamp page which features two publications created during the life and death of Neo Futurist Collective, the artist group I founded in 2007, and which self-destructed at the Estorick Collection, London in 2018 (a good place to self-destruct, I’m sure you’ll agree).

The first is The Gentrification Suite (2014), a limited edition CD and digital album created as part of The Ballad of Skinny Lattes & Vintage Clothing, my six-movement noise opera about artists, gentrification and financial meltdown. The mini album has 5 songs of uneasy listening by my artist alter-ego Giuseppe Marinetti and a bonus track A Declaration for Failure, a historic recorded manifesto of the revolutionary middle classes.

The second is the book and digital album Now That’s What I Call Neo Futurism published as part of Make Futurism Great Again at Estorick Collection (2018). The book features documentation of all of the projects that NFC created all the way through until its timely demise. The album is a Greatest Hits of Neo Futurism, including classics such as Megaphone Diplomacy, Manifesto Pomodoro and Fanfare for the Future.

This Friday, and the first Friday of every month is ‘Bandcamp Friday’ when all of the sale price goes straight to the artist without Bandcamp taking their cut. So head on over to the Skinny Vintage Bandcamp page and feast your ears and then please buy something…