Invite to Artists Talk

When: Friday 30th April
Where: BLAST THEORY Unit 5, 20 Wellington Rd, Portslade, Brighton, BN41 1DN
Time: 6.30pm – 8.30pm
Admission: Free (light refreshments will be served)
RSVP: by Thursday 29th April

ReAwakening of a City – a micro-performance

In this latest piece of research, I will work solo, using field recordings from Portslade, found objects on the street and text, to present a short binaural location performance for an audience of 8 people at a time. I am interested in the theatricality of the binaural medium, whereby the listener is immersed in a 3D soundscape. To create the illusion of an aural stage, I will be using the “dummy head” technique.

Supported by Blast Theory, as part of their Artist-in-Residence programme, I intend to develop a short performance score, weaving together text and sounds, both “live” and recorded, to create a noise network, following Russolo’s classification system in the Art of Noises manifesto. This work-in-progress will be experienced via headphones in a forgotten corner of 20 Wellington Road. I hope it will be both playful and insightful; an unusual way of experiencing those sounds/images that we normally ignore or consciously block out.

Founded by Joseph Young in 2007 and inspired by the Milan Futurists and the poetics of the Dada movement, The NeoFuturist Collective is of a group of artists who have come together to celebrate urban noise in all its’ visual and aural forms.

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