20 Wellington Road – Day One

So… Day One of the residency, and everyone here has been very welcoming. I’ve been shown around the building, given a set of keys, and now I’m set up in my studio with all my kit around me…

I unpacked everything to find that Luigi “The Dummy Head” had lost his silicone ears in transit. So for the moment I’ve stuck the microphones to the side of his head with double-sided tape, and tomorrow will experiment with what sort of absorbent materials (if any) I need to stuff his head with. (Also, whether I will have to try and stick the false ears on again.) It’s all about the sound, not the visual aesthetic.

I’m going to bring a hat for him to wear, by way of a wind shield, as I’m thinking of making the work out on the terrace, in order to capture the traffic sounds. This way, the audience would only hear the work from inside the building. The other possible route would be to make the performance here in my studio, with the audience watching from outside the studio window, emphasising the theatricality, as if viewing the proceedings through a glass proscenium arch…

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