Revolution #10 at Brighton Digital Festival


The revolutionary roadshow rolls into town for the Brighton Digital Festival, where Revolution #10 has been awarded one of the prestigious Arts and Tech commissions. From September 1st there will be a new website that will invite the public to answer some simple questions and to submit their sound recordings and revolutionary images.

On Sept 12th at Phoenix Gallery and Studios, the sound installation A People’s Manifesto will be launched along with a presentation and Q&A about the project. In addition, Joseph AKA Giuseppe will also perform A Victory Speech. All of the artworks will be composed entirely of answers given by the public to 3 Questions.

1. If you were elected as Prime Minister at the General Election in May 2015, what is the first thing you would say to the nation?

2. Does Democracy matter?

3. (Complete this sentence) We need a revolution because…

The project then continues at Moshimo in Bartholomew Sq. (opp the Town Hall) on Sept. 13th; The Open Market on 20th Sept; Red Roaster, St James St on Sept 21st.

Performances of the sound installation A People’s Manifesto will be on the hour, every hour and A Victory Speech at 1.30pm.

Visit the new website from Sept. 1st…