Interbeing: Emptiness is Form

Interbeing is the latest curatorial collaboration between myself and ceramic artist Kay Aplin. The project has been in development since 2019, and started formally with a research trip to China, funded by Arts Council England and the British Council. The project has changed massively in response to Covid over the past year, but we are very proud that we stuck with it and have brought this, our most ambitious international collaborative project to date, to fruition.

Emptiness is Form launches the INTERBEING project, an international ceramic and sound art project between British and Chinese artists taking place throughout 2021. The exhibition features contemporary Chinese ceramics from artists in China, the USA, Italy and the UK and is accompanied by a series of artist chats on Instagram and livestream performances from Chinese and Hong Kong sound artists, details here.

To accompany the ceramics on display in Emptiness is Form, a selection of Chinese sound artists will live stream performances during the exhibition. The results will be released on an album in collaboration with the Aural Detritus Concert Series.

Inter-being is a Buddhist concept that comes from the Heart Sutra and, in the context of the Interbeing project, explores the cultural connections between two seemingly very different cultures, the UK and China. By starting from a point of similarity rather than distance, we hope to foster and encourage a deeper understanding between artists from the two countries, especially at this time when the challenges of Covid-19 are pressing us towards more open international collaboration.

The Ceramic House,
75 Stanmer Villas, Brighton BN1 7HN

27th May – 20th June

Opening event: 27 May 
Virtual opening 5-6pm
In person 6.30 – 9.30pm

Public opening dates:
11-5pm Saturdays and Sundays 28, 30 May, 5, 6, 12, 13, 19, 20 June

Open by appointment weekdays 28th May and 20th June. Contact us here to make an appointment.

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