Interbeing: Listening Hands (2021)

As part of the Interbeing project, which I am co-curating with ceramic artist Kay Aplin, we are producing a film inspired by the Tai Chi form. The film came about after I performed at the Park 19 artist residency centre in Guangzhou showcasing my Sonic Baton instrument which I use to conduct field recordings.

Outside Park 19

After the performance, several members of the audience remarked how Tai Chi-like my movements were – the stillness and studied slowness used to control the Sonic Baton mirroring the movements of the form. From this, I had an idea to perform with a public exercise class in a park in China and to make it into an artist’s film. Sadly, because of the pandemic we were unable to return to China after this, but we have found an incredible alternative partner and a venue in which to make the film, here in the UK. The Chinese Community Centre, just off of Leicester Square in central London is a long-standing community organisation dedicated to supporting the Chinese community in London and Kay informed me that before we met, she had worked with them previously on a community arts project. We contacted CCC and they agreed to collaborate with us and found us a venue in the main public square in the centre of London’s Chinatown.

We are working with filmmaker Roswitha Chesher who is an experienced Dance for Camera filmmmaker, and once it has been shot and edited it will be premiered at CCC on Ocotober 3rd and then online at the Interbeing website. The film will be shown simulataneously in China at Park 19 where the original inspiration for the film came…

Listening Hands from The Ceramic House on Vimeo.