20 Wellington Road – Day Two

Day Two and so much to do… Had my first mentoring session with Ju Row Farr over lunch and went over the history of the project and where I wanted to take it. Ju said a few really pertinent things that I then mulled over for the rest of the day – the big one being that in such a conceptual project, how to get the ideas across; what I called “embedding the context in the work”. The other big (glaringly obvious) insight was that I only have one week, so there is no need to push myself to produce “product”  on the final day.

So having thought I would spend the day making a lot of field recordings in preparation for a “dummy head” binaural performance, I allowed myself to follow an instinct. What I really wanted to do was to collect lots of material – make collages, print photographs, extracts of written work, scan images and objects and then cover the walls of the studio with this visual research. Make the room a living installation – a record of the work that I will have accomplished during my residency. The sound element can then exist as a simple binaural edit, that can play back to viewers from outside the room.

I will start my artist’s talk on Friday with a silent listening session on the terrace, where the traffic from the coastal road can clearly be heard. This will provide an aural context for the rest of the work, and allow me to talk about the ideas behind the work. We will then journey to my temporary studio space where the visual material can be seen through the framing device of the window and binaural sound works can heard via headphones.

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