Revolution #10 (2015)

Revolution #10 started life as a commission in 2014 for the InTRANSIT festival in London. On a campaign stall on the Portobello Road, I interviewed the public about the importance of democracy.  The work expresses the divergent views of members of the public in the run-up to a General Election and reflects the messiness and competing noises of democracy itself…

The public’s answers to my 3 Questions produced a radical sound collage Revolution #10, which takes its inspiration from the infamous Revolution 9 on The Beatles’ White Album and a “victory speech” expressing the hopes and fears of the nation in the run-up to the 2015 General Election.

The next iteration of the work was commissioned by Brighton Digital Festival, which allowed me to commission an interactive project website.

final version of A People’s Manifesto was presented at the House of Commons on March 11th hosted by my local MP Caroline Lucas. You can read a review of the work here. The piece has subsequently been performed at Utopias – a symposium at University of Brighton and Together the People.

The text of A People’s Manifesto is published on issuu.

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