Listening to the Archive public talk: Killruddery, Oct 27th, 4pm

I am presenting my work in a public talk at Killruddery in Bray, as part of “Listening to the Archive”, my ongoing artist-in-residence research project there. Killruddery is a beautiful Anglo-Irish country house and home to the Meath family and previously, their ancestors, the Brabazons. The family have been living on the estate for 401 years and their archives trace this long and complex history, as well as their relationship to the land and the community around them.

I am looking to’ sonify’ some of the untold and unheard stories of Killruddery not found in the guidebooks, in a process I am calling a hauntology of heritage.  The work will eventually lead to bringing some key objects, images and narratives from the archives to life using cutting-edge 3D audio technologies to make interactive and immersive sound environments that digitally embody the archive in the present day.

The talk is open to the public, and it’s free, but does require prior registration.